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On January 19, 2001, Emi and Dad went for their first real snow outing. Dad got two new toboggans and Emi got her first snowsuit, along with new hat and gloves. She was thrilled by the snow and can't wait for the next big snowfall!


Emi and Daddy ready for snow.jpg (91531 bytes)Emi and Daddy ready for snow2.jpg (95176 bytes)Emi and her sled.jpg (103276 bytes)Emi and her sled2.jpg (91407 bytes)

Emi getting ready to play in the snow.jpg (62410 bytes)Emi in her snow gear.jpg (106748 bytes)Emi in the snow.jpg (87695 bytes)Emi in her snow gear2.jpg (91344 bytes)

Emi sledding down the driveway.jpg (92166 bytes)


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