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Here are some FAVORITE pictures of the Redican family (well, really just pictures of Emi with other family members). Click on the picture to see it full size. 

Anna's christening on Memorial Day weekend. Anna's Christening

Our visit to the National Zoo. Click here for Zoo Fun

WELCOME ANNA SARA TO THE FAMILY! Click here for the pics: Anna Sara

Scenes from Emi's first haircut. Click here for before and after shots: Emi's Haircut

Patty, Terry and Emi welcome nephew/cousin Ryan Elijah! Click here for a first glimpse: Ryan Elijah

Click here to see pictures from our holiday celebration: Christmas 2001

Click here to see Emi having fun in the snow: Snowbunny

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Emi with the Easter Bunny, March 2002.

Emi at about six months playing on her Gymini.

Emi on Easter Sunday 2001.

Emi at her first birthday.

Singing songs with Grandma Bertie and Pop-pop Joe.

With her daddy at Marco Island October 2000.

Emi's christening with Daddy, Aunt Joanne and Aunt Suzie.

With Mommy at Gymboree.

Waiting for Santa with Grandma Del

Snacking with Aunt Sandy

Hanging with Uncle Harv

Patty and Terry in March 2001

Emi and Terry opening presents Christmas 2000

With Mommy at Cox's Farm in October 2000

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